Selecting a divorce attorney is not an easy process, as there are several factors that you must consider before hiring one. Following are some of the main factors that you should know and understand when searching for a divorce lawyer in Texas.


You should look for an attorney that is familiar with divorce cases similar to yours, especially if it is complicated or involves custody and support of children. Also, it is preferable to select a lawyer that has a successful history working with contested or uncontested divorces.


A divorce can be a long and costly ordeal. It is crucial that you receive full disclosure in advance of what will be your total legal expenses for every possible scenario. Most lawyers charge on an hourly basis; however, you may be able to negotiate a flat rate agreement for a simple divorce.


It is fundamental that the lawyer you eventually hire is a good communicator during court proceeding and with clients. Besides providing prompt feedback of your divorce proceedings, he/she must be able to explain your legal matters in clear and understandable words.

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